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OAS has quality new, used and rebuilt marine propulsion diesel engines, parts, components, and marine gears. We’re experienced with marine propulsion engines, generators and gears for over 15 years. Our people are trained to match every need of our customers in this area. We offer marine engines ranging from 80 – 1600 HP. With our large inventory and our extensive industry contacts, we can find the products you want whether new, recon, used engine or even the most hard-to-find parts almost right away. Call us for your product or service needs.

Marine engines

We specialize in both new and used diesel engine for marine propulsion. We offer good used runners, rebuilt, new engine and power systems. All of our products are backed by the best service teams and large inventory of spare parts.

Marine Gears

At OAS, we offer a variety of top quality marine gear. We provide good used, rebuilt, new unit and repair/ reconditioning service to meet the need of our customers.

Marine Generators

At OAS, we offer a wide range of marine generators from 100 to 1500 Kw. We stock new, used and recon marine generators to serve you whatever you need. Our electrical and mechanical engineer teams who have experienced in this field for a decade have committed to provide the best service to ensure the most satisfactory of our customers.

No matter where you are in Thailand, we serve you with commitment in full customer satisfaction.


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